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The Abilene Writers Guild is an organization of writers, both professional and beginning, who meet monthly for education, sharing, and encouragement. Membership opportunities include contests, critique groups, and sharing of information.

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Monthly Meetings

Every 4th Thursday at 7:00 P.M.
November - 3rd Thursday
December - no meeting

Rose Park Senior Citizens Ctr
Classroom B
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Abilene, Texas 79605

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August Meeting

Thursday, August 24, 2014

Serial Killers, Firearms, Terminal Ballistics -
Writing Crime

Speaker, Brian Foster

Brian FosterBrian Foster writes what he knows: murder and mayhem. He learned it as he obtained degrees in police administration at Sam Houston State but internalized it by living the subject. While in college he began working in a county jail built by the WPA during the Great Depression. There he learned a life lesson: Small town politics were not in his best interest. With that realization came the need for a job – a need Houston PD met in 1974. Thirty-four years later he retired. After four years spent in uniform, Brian's assignments ranged from Vice to Burglary and Theft, Armed Robberies, Internal Affairs, and for the final 23 years, Homicide. He averaged 27 to 36 murder scene investigations a year, assisting on other cases, running warrants and working kidnappings in between.

Brian Foster writes what he knows: three books of short stories, statements, confessions and quotes from the uncouth. Homicidal Humor, More Homicidal Humor and The Clot Thickens. Brian says, “My career case involved a group of dirty former cops and an insurance agent. Met my wife during that case (she was a private investigator working for a group of insurance companies). I got a son out of that case and it took five years to bring two conspirators to trial. We sat there with our 20-month-old watching the lowlifes sentenced to 20 years in the federal pen.”

Now living in the Big Country, Brian writes and teaches dogs and cattle rude combinations of words.

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